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Ian Somerhalder - Filmografie

22.07.2011 17:16 - Lady D - Ian Somerhalder - komentáře (1)

2012 - Cradlewood role: Josh
2009 - Fireball role: Lee Cooper
2009 - How to Make Love to a Woman role: Daniel Meltzer
2009 - The Tournament role: Miles Slade
2009 - Upíří deníky (Vampire Diaries, The) role: Damon Salvatore
2009 - Wake role: Tyler
2008 - Ztracené město (Lost City Raiders) role: Jack Kubiak
2008 - The Lost Samaritan role: William Archer
2007 - Marco Polo role: Marco Polo
2007 - Tell Me You Love Me role: Nick
2006 - Cinco caras de David LaChapelle, Las role:Unknown
2006 - Lost: Revelation role:Unknown
2006 - Pulse role: Dexter
2006 - The Lost Survival Guide role:Unknown
2006 - The Sensation of Sight role: Drifter
2006 - TV: The Movie
2005 - Destination Lost role:Unknown
2005 - Lost: The Journey role:Unknown
2004 - Fearless role: Jordan Gracie
2004 - V rukách nepřítele (In Enemy Hands) role: U.S.S. Swordfish: Danny Miller
2004 - Ztraceni (TV) (Lost) role: Boone Carlyle
2004 - Recess role: Cooley
2004 - The Old Man and the Studio role: Matt
2002 - Changing Hearts role: Jason Kelly
2002 - Kriminálka Miami (CSI: Miami) role: Ricky Murdoch
2002 - Pravidla vášně (The Rules of Attraction) role: Paul Denton
2001 - Anatomy of a Hate Crime role: Russell Henderson
2001 - Dům života (Life as a House) role: Josh
2001 - Smallville role: Adam Knight
2001 - Mladý Superman - TV Pilot (Smallville) role: Adam Knight
2000 - CSI: Kriminálka Las Vegas (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) role: Tony Del Nagro
2000 - Young Americans role: Hamilton Fleming
1999 - Zákon a pořádek: Útvar pro zvláštní oběti (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit) role: Charlie Baker
1999 - Now and Again role: Brian
1998 - Celebrity role: Unknown
1996 -The Big Easy role: I.Q.

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